RTE interview Monday 23 April 2007 (audio)

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Roy was interviewed on RTE (Irish) radio at 11.30am on 23/4/2007. I snagged an audio stream of the interview. Along with a discussion about his childhood and the forthcoming (potentially) final tour, he plays "Another Day" and a shortened "Cricketer".


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The Last Tour!

Roy stated with his usual self deprecating wit that this would probably be his last tour but then again maybe not.

I hope it isn't his last performance series even if I have to travel to Ireland.  For this reason, I aim to get to as many gigs as I can this year.

Last tour?

Hope not last! Maybe he'll just do the odd one here and there rather than weeks' worth in future.
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RTE interview

Brilliant! that whets the appetite for the Southampton gig.

Many thanks Paul for posting the link, things like this can only win people over to the new site, great stuff.


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RTE Interview

Such a treat, to listen to this.

"The kettle's on..."

Got to have a cup of tea and reflect.


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Widget woes

Paul - thanks for posting this -  a little gem of an interview!

My PC is launching it every time I return to the main page - the widget doesn't display, but does launch my audio player and downloads the mp3.  I guess this is my own fault for running Linux, and it's not a major problem, just a minor irriation which I thought you should know about.  The joys of web 'standards'...


Widget woes

I also got the missing widget, but MWM Player worked fine.  Now copied the audio into my music folder.

Got the message about activeX needs to be downloaded, said yes and the widget has appeared fine.

Thanks Paul for posting this.





What's a widget? From the dimwit! Hey, this site is looking great. Good to see so many people joining up.
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Radio stuff

Worked fine for me, many thanks Paul, not allowed to listen to Irish Wireless at work

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Yeah, cheers Paul for

Yeah, cheers Paul for posting. Interesting stuff. I'd temporarily forgotten that Roy pronounces "something", "santhin".

And oi, Plod. You've got a daft name you 'ave!


. o O (http://www.myspace.com/realwoodrecords)

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Thanks Paul

Great interview, thanks for posting it here Paul - glad to hear that Roy is looking at "last tour" in this way.  Looking forward to seeing him soon.

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Perhaps it would have been better...

to have put the file as an MP3 only (as a link). I'm on broadband and it's in my cache so it only takes seconds to download the Home Page when I refresh it. There are notorious problems with Apple QT as an embedded file.

My suggestion,

Bob Toms.

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Yeah, the quicktime widget

Yeah, the quicktime widget was getting my nerves too! I changed it to a plain link, thanks. It also will save on server bandwidth.