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Michael Chapman

Just discovered Michael Chapman thru a speculative purchase off Amazon of  Rainmaker/Fully Qualified Survivor (Have to confess getting him muddled up with Roger Chapman from Family). Really enjoyed them and wondered if anyone round here is familiar with his work. as from these 2 albums there certainly seems to be a similarity to Roy, and if so what would be a good next purchase???


Simon (First time poster, long time Stormcock lurker!)

New EP featuring... well, me!

Alan Johnston

Some of you will have noticed that I put the little Alan Johnston badge on the left nav bar recently, to draw more attention to his plight after the BBC appealed for people to do this. I'm very happy this morning to see that he's been released. I have to wonder what he'll do next - stay in the area or move on. It can't be easy to recover emotionally from so many weeks of captivity.

animator vs animation

This looks like good fun for those of us who have time on their hands! Emma get back to work you naughty girl!




£80,000 bounty to decapitate S Rushdie

I must confess that I haven't read Satanic Verses (or the Da Vinci Code for that matter) but was rather surprised when it was announced that he was being conferred a knighthood last week. It was bound to resurrect/inflame the whole sorry saga again and now some Pakistani businessmen have offered this money for his despatch.

Just as surprising when I read last week that Tony Blair was thinking of taking on a peace keeping role in the Middle East when he is put out to pasture!

Guevara Gig 

I bet Roy is practising that old instrumental as we speak!!


Robert Wyatt

Any Robert Wyatt fans? He has a new album due out in the autumn - Im very excited although Cuckooland was a bit ropey and i see that, against my wishes, stupid paul weller is on this album too.  my favorite RW albumwould be either Rock Bottom or Dondestan (NOT dondestan revisited though!)

Scientology BBC Panorama programme 2030 tonight

Since my sister had retrogressive hypnosis many years ago after her divorce from The Clash Road Manager she has never been the same person and we have had terrible problems with her dysfunctionalising the whole extended family. It is still going on even though mum died a couple of months ago. She was taken back to the age of zero and relived all the negative things that had influenced her.

Spare for Syd Barrett tribute

Off till Sunday

Just a FYI, I'm away from the computer and out of the country now until Sunday night. My wife is taking me on a surprise long weekend away for my birthday; I have no idea where we are going but we leave for Stansted in about half an hour! See you then.

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