Matt Churchill CD

Anyone done/seen a review of Matt's CD?


Nick in Rock n Reel

Nick's interview with Rock n Reel will appear in the September/October issue out later this week.

Nick Spitz and Rhythm Festival

Paul asked - Are  the Rhythm festival/Spitz goers  all asleep? Well , yes.... its been a long four days.

Nick at Spitz Nick at Spitz

Set lists


This may sound a bit odd but I collect set lists from gigs which I've really enjoyed and just wonder if anyone may have the set list to 2 of Roy's gigs - One was at the Rock Cafe 2000 in Stourbridge back in January a couple of years ago, 2005 I think, and the other was at the Hammersmith Odeon in London way back in 1975 on the HQ tour, I think he played one night there but I don't remember the dat and I didn't get a programme....does anyone have one???

If anyone could help that would be great


Nick at Spitz

Nick will be doing his last London gig for nearly 4 months on Thursday at Spitz. Will we be seeing any Stormcock faces there?!

Cecil Day Lewis poem

Gave a copy of this poem called 'The Conflict'' to Roy on Thursday night via Tracey and he found it very good/interesting.. have posted it before but nobody replied:


THE CONFLICT by Cecil Day Lewis 1904 [?]

I sang as one

Who on a tilting deck sings

To keep their courage up, though the wave hangs

That shall cut off their sun.


As storm-cocks sing,

Flinging their natural answer in the wind's teeth,

And care not if it is waste of breath

Or birth-carol of spring


De Barras Thursday 26th

Wow, to be part of the 'final gig' was just amazing. Met people from all over the place, Cumbria, Liverpool, Canterbury and heard of people travelling from Canada!

The gig was just great, I do have a full set list which I'll publish later, having left it elsewhere, but for me the highlights were Short and Sweet which was stunning and the whole of Stormcock, together with Roy's musings between each song,  oh and 12 hours of Sunset as well, fact everything was just as it should be.



What type of guitars play Roy?...

Hello there!. I'm a new member of this forum, I live in Argentina, I have 24 years old and unfortunately I never get knowledgeable about a songwriter called Roy, at least , about  a year ago when I learnt him:) haha.

Since that time, Roy redefine my personal taste about music and poetry. So here i am. Wondering about roy guitars: roy plays fenders? maybe gibsons? steel-chords? acoustics? what kind of...?

Nick article Western Daily Press

Copy from today's Western Daily Press


08:00 - 04 July 2007

Singer/guitarist Nick Harper launches the Frome Festival this Friday, but his most challenging gig this year is the one he'll perform on Everest in memory of his mother. Woman's editor Susie Weldon reports

Win Nick's guitar!

The guitar used by Nick during his instore at London's Fopp a few weeks ago, has been signed by him and is now up for grabs in a simple competition that everyone should know the answer to! See details and image here:

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