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Scottish "Braveharp" tour roll call ;)

Big D's current flu-like thing willing, we'll be at Milngavie, Arran and Edinburgh, and I should be at Aberdeen.  Anyone else?  Graeme, you and your darling daughter?

Stormcock list meet at Cropredy

As posted by Jon Hall on the "Luddite" list:

As per normal, I'll set it for just past 11am on the Saturday outside
the sports pavillion - hope to see the usual suspects and hopefully
some new faces. Could someone please forward this message to the web

Roll Call: Clonakilty

This years (and possibly the final) Clonakilty is rapidly approaching! Last year I made up little badges to help people identify each other. I've not done that this year since I think most of the "regulars" know each other by now, but there'll hopefully be some new-uns as well.

Nick has just announced a shedload of new tour dates on harperspace.com

Including a Scottish tour in August AND the November tour!  wheeeee!


Nick and an Odd Yorkshireman ?!

Last night ( Tuesday 5th June ) was supposed to be Nick's in store record shop appearance in his home town of Marlborough; it was supposed to be outside the BRILLIANT Sound Knowledge record shop; but due to the "idiots" in the local council, they put a stop to that ( due to license issues ) and so it had to move next-door  to inside Marlborough’s premier club ( ie their only one !! ) – The Azuza. 

Nick Liverpool

Anyone travelling up to see Nick on Sunday in Liverpool from any point south willing to offer lift in return for free ticket?

Harpic - King Tuts

What a fecking blast!

Nick was on storming form and as ever the King Tuts crowd were up for it.

It all started wrong or so it would be for any other mere mortal, as Nick was starting his very first song "Up In the Mountains" he broke his D string but unlike his normal organisational skills he had forgotten to put a set of spare strings in his back pocket so while a member of his support team ran off to look for said set of spare strings he treated us to "A Wiltshire Tale"

Roy Edmonton free ticket

I have a spare guest list pass for Roy's gig tomorrow at Edmonton. Anyone interested?

Roy on thisislocallondon website

This item was forwarded to me by another 'cocker.




FAO anyone going to The Brook on Tuesday

Could be some bad news here.  The place has gone under and dates are not guaranteed to take place.   See here for more details.



Bugger, bugger and thrice bugger!  It looks like the gig might be saved but.............and I had a ticket for Richard Thompson in August as well. 

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