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Updates to the site soon

There are some patches to Drupal that I want to apply soon (Drupal is the web 2.0 framework I used to build the site), so one day in the nearish future the site will go down for a couple of hours while I do that.

At the same time I'll do a little bit of reworking of the site; some things are working well (blogs, front page news, polls etc). Some things are OK but understandably underused (chat room mainly, due to the relatively low volume of visitors). Some things I'm a bit unhappy with (Shout Box) and one thing has to be changed (forum). My plans at the moment:


As some of you will have seen, when you set up an account you can specify your date of birth. It's not mandatory by any means but if you do set it, you'll get your name on the "Upcoming Birthdays" panel on  the left when the day approaches, and you will also get a rare limited edition hand crafted email from the site on the day itself.

Shave 'em dry <Bogan>

Just been recommended this track but don't have headphones with me. Looks a bit raunchy to say the least especially the unexpurgated version!

For lyrics go to :


Using the blog


Not sure I've got the hang of this yet.  I've been posting comments to my first blog.  This doesn't seem to produce the effect I was after.  How do I create a new blog entry?



Get rid of that ugly mug!

I'm getting fed up with seeing my face plastered all over the front page and I expect you are as well. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good avatar for me to use in "official news" posts? I might make another user for those and keep pd for more personal things.

General Discussion?

Is it possible to introduce a General Discussion thread? I have posted an "OFF" discussion in the General thread, which I note says "General chat about al things Harper"...I don't want to clutter up the forum with inappropriate topics.

Stormcock Community front page

pd/ still coming up at the beginning as double image overlaying each other?


Comments and forum post sorting order

I was getting confused by the threaded and reverse-date sorting applied to forum posts and comments, as I suspect a lot of you were. So I've changed things so that things are in historical order:

  • In forums, topics are arranged so that the newest are at the top
  • Inside a topic or a list of comments, they are arranged in chronological order, no threading, with the newest at the bottom.

In tests, 1/1 site admins preferred it. I hope you do as well.

Date format and threading options

2 quick changes this morning: you now can see the time of a post as well as the date (requested by Nick Lane), and I've enabled a threading preferences panel so you can choose how the threaded comments are displayed (in which order, collapsed or expanded, and so on).

Chat Room

I've replaced the old chat room with an entirely new one prepared at great expense and at the last minute.

Points for who spots that quote...

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